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Hello and Welcome! A Legal Document Preparer's overriding goal is to empower pro se litigants ~like yourself~ with information, education, and be your primary source for legal document preparation services. Nowadays EVERYTHING requires some kind of legal form. Routine legal issues, divorce & family law, bankruptcy, social security, landlord-tenant, real estate, title transfers, bill of sale, immigration, wills & estates, business structure…

I am here to help pro-se litigants with information, relieve stress, and make a difference in your personal lives.

Creative Legal Documents has access to books, ebooks and Florida Supreme Court approved forms about how to represent yourself, and we are here to help you gather and organize YOUR information and efficiently prepare legal forms for filing with the Courts.

From the privacy of your home or office, complete the payment form from the Services pages associated with the type of case for which you need document preparation services. Creative Legal Documents will work with you to collect all required information.

Within five business days after receiving all of the required information, the documents will be sent to you either as an easy to open email attachment that you just print out yourself, or as printed documents delivered to you at your direction.

Simple, affordable and stress-free. That’s the process for professional document preparation.

There has been a great increase in pro se representation (self representation), in addition to, the increase in availability of information and services specifically designed to enable consumers to represent themselves. The idea of non-lawyers preparing legal documents provides better access to the legal system, a right that is embedded in our US Constitution.

Thank you for considering and trusting Creative Legal Documents. My name is Tamara Fox and I am the Managing Member of Creative Legal Documents, LLC. I am a Florida native, born and raised in Orlando, Florida.

For 29 years, I had a successful, rewarding and extensive career working in Civil Litigation, under the supervision of attorneys. Because I have such an extensive background, I am able to assist you with many needs. If you are in need of a service that is not listed, give me a call ~ I may be able to help.

NON-LAWYER DISCLAIMER: Creative Legal Documents, LLC, is a non-lawyer, self-help service providing legal document preparation assistance at your specific direction. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. Neither the contents of this website, nor any verbal or written communications you may have with us, should be construed as legal advice. If you have legal questions, or don’t understand your legal situation, you are urged to consult with or retain the services of a qualified attorney.
I have telephonic and video appointments available to comply with CDC social distancing guidelines – contact me to schedule an appointment that you are comfortable with.


FALDP has extended resources on every subject and I encourage you to visit their website to "Help you, help yourself...
For Example: What is a Pro-Se Litigant?
People who choose to fight their own legal battles, without and attorney, usually do so to save money or because they feel their legal matter is fairly simple. Especially when the legal matter requires documents only and there is no dispute, proceeding pro se might be the best choice.Many people wonder whether they are cut out to appear in court "pro se" (self represented). Take this quiz to get an idea of what you know.