Real Estate Deeds

County Official Records

Public Records Research ~ $75

The Official Records in each County are a permanent repository of those documents which primarily relate to real estate transactions. Examples of Official Records, include, but are not limited to: Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Tax Deeds, Liens, Mortgages, Notes, Judgments, Satisfaction of Judgment...

Please contact me if you would like assistance in searching and/or obtaining documents recorded in the Official Records.

Quit Claim Deed ~ $50

This deed is often used to transfer real property between family members. We send you a questionnaire to gather your information and use a template to prepare the deed. We'll need all parties' names and addresses, the property address, and the full legal description.

Special Warranty Deeds ~ $100

A Special Warranty Deed transfers real property from the estate of the decedent into the name of a person, persons, or Living Trust. The Special Warranty Deed is not filed with the clerk of court for probate, but filed with the clerk of court for recording in the official records instead.

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