~Small Claims~

In a Nutshell

Small claims is known as the people's court, although attorneys are allowed to appear in small claims cases.

Small Claims Court is a special division of civil court, and the rules are different from other civil courts. To initiate a claim, rather than a complaint, the Plaintiff files a document called a "Statement of Claim" and has the other party served by a process server. The clerk of court prepares the Summons which includes a date and time for a Pre-Trial Conference.

The case is filed in the county in which the incident took place.

Filing ~ $250

When filing a Small Claims case, you need to be certain that you are suing the proper party. If you are suing a business, you should contact the Secretary of State at (850) 488-9000 or visit www.sunbiz.org to retrieve the information needed to have your summons served on the Registered Agent of the corporation. If you have any attachments to prove your claim, you must provide the Court with one copy for the file and one copy to be served on each defendant.

Small claims includes civil disputes with money damages up to $5,000. The process is expedited and there is usually no lengthy discovery process. When you sue someone in small claims a Pre-Trial Conference is set in which the parties are encouraged to mediate their dispute. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, a trial date is then set. Sometimes the parties will go before the judge that day to argue their side of the claim. We prepare a Statement of Claim, Summons, and Civil Cover Sheet.


You can have your summons served by the Sheriff, a process server, or by certified mail. Certified mail can only be served within the State of Florida.


When your case is filed, you will be given a PreTrial date. All parties will be required to attend. If your defendant is not served, your case will not go to court and you will have to file a request for the Clerk to prepare a new summons for service.

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