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Do you want to sue, or have you been sued and are you confused about the process? How do you find out what procedures to follow? What do you do when you are served with “papers?” What gets filed first? What do you do next? How do you get the judge to listen to you? What is the process? When do you do what? How do you navigate through everything coming at you?

Civil Document Preparation Services for Cases in County or Circuit Court Civil Divisions

There are three main court jurisdictions for civil cases. These are small claims for cases with damages up to $8000.; County Court for cases with damages more than $8000. and up to $30,000.; and Circuit Civil with damages exceeding $30,000.

Foreclosure, Landlord~Tenant, Evictions, Torts, Negligence Actions, Miscellaneous Other Disputes

Every Civil case has its own set of facts. The documents needed for initiating a Civil case contain facts unique to each case. A document preparer will organize those facts into a Complaint for filing from the information provided by pro se (self-represented) litigants. There are usually many types of documents required for different stages of the proceedings all of which are unique to each case. For this reason, for filing a new Civil case in either County or Circuit Courts, we offer an option to pay a minimum charge of four hours as an initial payment.

By the Hour - (four hour minimum) ~ $300


When initiating a new Civil case, you need to be certain that you are suing the proper party. If you are suing a business, you should contact the Secretary of State at (850) 488-9000 or visit www.sunbiz.org to retrieve the information needed to have your summons served on the Registered Agent of the corporation. If you have any attachments to prove your claim, you must provide the Court with one copy for the file and one copy to be served on each defendant.

Court filing fees are never included in our document preparation fees. Court filing fees are separate and to be paid directly to the clerk of court when you file.

Answers ~ $200

Have you been sued? You generally have 20 calendar days* to respond by filing a formal Answer to the Complaint in the Court record. We can prepare and format your Answer. If your filing deadline is less than 3 days away, we may charge a rush fee. To avoid rush charges, contact and submit payment as soon as you have been served.

*If you have been served with a Complaint for Eviction, you only have 5 business days to Answer.

Rush Charge ~ $100

One Hour $75- Single Procedural Form

A single procedural form such as a Motion for Continuance or Notice of New Address, we charge one hour of our time.

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Other Resources

For a wealth of knowledge and resources you are encouraged to visit the official website of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers (FADLP) www.faldp.org. Start with the following links of example cases handled by Circuit and County Civil Courts: